The HSSA Scholarship applications are overseen by a committee of volunteers from the HSSA board.

Scholarship grants: 
Registration for micro up to $55 (t-shirt included in registration);
Registration for recreational up to $95 (Does not include uniform);
Registration for classic up to $125 (Does not include uniform)

The Scholarship Committee shall: 1) be responsible for screening applicants; 2) grant scholarships; and 3) present a written report of granted scholarships to the Board.

All information and discussion by this committee shall be held in the strictest of confidence.
The amount of the aid per player will be determined by the committee each soccer season.
Applications must be submitted for each season without regard for whether or not a family received prior assistance.
The financial aid program will be based strictly on a financial need of the family and circumstance.
The program is available to both boys and girls and all ages. There is no limit to the number of children in a particular family that may receive financial aid.

Volunteer hours are required to assist the club for tournaments, events, field and facility operations and other miscellaneous tasks. Players 13 and older are allowed to assist in fulfilling the volunteer responsibilities of the family if the task is appropriate for the player’s age.
Before full or half scholarships are granted, you must complete 5 hours of the total 10 hours.
Families will be responsible for paying any uniform, club, or team expenses not covered by the financial aid award. Due to the limited funds budgeted, we suggest that families apply as early as possible, before the close of registration.