Code of Conduct

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Any person (player, parent, coach, referee, board member, volunteer, or any other individual) acting on behalf of or associated with the Hot Springs Soccer Association (HSSA) is expected to conduct themselves appropriately and abide by the approved HSSA Code of Conduct.  The HSSA Board of Directors feels that all HSSA members have a responsibility to act and speak 
appropriately when representing our association.  Violations of HSSA policies and rules will have adverse consequences, including any of the following sanctions: verbal or written warning; 
game(s) suspension; partial or full season suspension; suspension for a defined period of time; temporary or permanent banishment. 

Any HSSA participant (player, parent, coach, referee, board member, volunteer, and/or any other individual) must understand that there are certain expectations placed upon them. These 
expectations include HSSA policies and rules regarding registration, age requirements, rostering and conduct.  The Hot Springs Soccer Association Board of Directors will enforce and require compliance of these expectations.

At all HSSA sponsored activities, in and out of Arkansas, the following code of conduct is in effect:

As a player, coach, referee, board member, volunteer, and/or any other individual associated with the Hot Spring Soccer Association, I will:

1) Refrain from participating in or encouraging any of the following:

 Assault
 Harassment
 Racial Violence
 Religious Violence
 Sexual Harassment
 Sexual Violence
 Taunting
 Showboating
 Vandalism
 Drug, Alcohol, & Tobacco Use
 Gambling
 Inappropriate language
 Providing False Information; 
 Harassment of Club Officials, Referees, Coaches or other Players

2) Abide by the decisions of the referees

3) Address all players in a positive, encouraging manner 

4) Be an example of good sportsmanship to all players, coaches and parents 

5) Not tolerate anyone yelling at referees. Refereeing is much harder than it looks, and even the best referees make mistakes. In our league, many of the officials are older children who are just learning how to be a referee. The league has had a great deal of trouble keeping referees because of abuse from coaches and spectators. We expect our coaches to refrain from any criticism of referees during the game, and to ensure that players and parents also observe this rule. If you have concerns about the officiating, speak quietly to the referee at halftime or after the game, or submit a report to the board. The only exception is if there is an issue of safety, in which case the coach should try to deal with the situation in as expeditious but unthreatening a manner as possible. 

6) Make a genuine effort to respond in a truthful and positive manner rather than a negative or critical one to coaches, players, parents and officials from all clubs

7) Respect and support all coaches, players and officials through words and actions

8) View opponents as necessary friends that provide players the opportunity to participate.

9) Attempt to work through disagreements or misunderstandings in a calm manner at an appropriate time with the person(s) with whom the complaint originates

10) Promptly bring forth my concerns, questions, and suggestions to the appropriate person(s) in a constructive manner

11) Take a role in supporting the team and my player(s) through cooperative efforts with other team members and their families when necessary

12) Abide by the established policies and decisions of the HSSA board of directors

13) Cooperate with the following steps if a violation of the above conduct has occurred 

Steps that will be taken if a violation has occurred:

First offense – a meeting must take place with all involved persons and a board representative. Participation in all HSSA activities will cease until this meeting has occurred.

Second offense – a two-week suspension from all team activities will be enforced for the involved party (player, parent, coach, referee, board member, volunteer, and/or any other individual)

Third offense – the person in violation will be suspended from any HSSA involvement for the remainder of the current season.  Any future return to HSSA involvement is not guaranteed but will be granted if reconciliation can be reached. Involvement will then be granted on a probationary basis. Any violation during that time will result in permanent suspension from the HSSA.

If an offense is severe in nature (extreme or violent) the HSSA reserves the right to move directly to the consequences of the second or third offense after which a meeting may take place. 

Any suspended individual will not receive a refund of any kind from the HSSA.