Recreational Travel Teams

Spring Travel Soccer is for 2nd - 8th grade but teams are formed by birth year.
Fall Travel Soccer if for 2nd - 12th grade but teams are formed by birth year. 
Recreational Travel Teams are all inclusive. There are no tryouts to join a team.

Registration information:
  • Fall Season registration dates: May 1st  - July 31st. 
  • Spring Season registration dates: November 1 - January 31st. 
  • Cost: Each season is $95 for registration. We no longer have full year registration. Registration fee includes one tournament. 
    If your team decides not to compete in a tournament, the money will go back into the general funds.
  • Uniforms are $35. Includes teal jersey, white jersey, shorts, and socks. 
  • Late registrations:  Accepted if space is available and a $25 fee will be assessed. If you would like to register after registration 
    is closed, send email to to see if space is available. Please include your child's gender and birthday.
  • Scholarships:  Scholarships are available. All scholarships will require volunteer hours and will not be awarded until volunteer hours 
    have been completed. For more information, visit the scholarship page.

Home games and practices take place at Munro Field on Hwy 270 (Malvern Avenue) behind Lake Catherine Footwear (Munro Shoe Factory). 

Away games go as far as Sherwood and Beebe. There is a tournament at the end of each season which is included in the registration fee.

The Fall Season starts at the end of August and finishes up in the beginning of November. The Spring Season starts in March and finishes 
up in the May. Practices are scheduled by each team's coach and general take place during the week in the evenings.