Micro Teams
(3 years old - 2nd grade)
$55 for registration with a $25 late fee after registration deadline.
This program is designed to be a low pressure, enjoyable event on Saturday mornings.
The morning consists of fun activities and drills that help teach basic soccer skills, followed by a game.
A love for soccer is our main goal so we do NOT keep score at this age level. All coaches are parent or high school volunteers.

Fall Season begins early September and ends late October. 
8 weekends packed with soccer!

Spring Season begins April 4th ends May 9th. 
6 weekends packed with soccer!

Please contact: Micro.HSSA@gmail.com with any questions about Micro. 


Our fields are located at Munro Factory, 3770 Malvern Ave, Hot Springs, AR

 You cannot see the fields from the street but there is a parking lot to the left of the building (follow the other eager players). There are steps from the parking lot leading down to the playing   area. 

 We DO have ADA access BUT ... ADA access is limited. This means that we cannot use ADA access for ice chests/coolers, strollers, cars, etc. Only for ADA required use. If you need to use this entrance, you will need to contact HSSA and we will unlock the gate for you. Munro does not allow cars down near the playing area so you or your guest will need to be dropped off down below at the fields, and the car parked back up in the parking lot. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  

 Playing Times:

We do NOT have practice outside of Saturday mornings. Our practices are 30 minutes, followed by a 30  minute game, on Saturday morning only. The 2nd Grade division games last a tad bit longer. 

3 &4 Year Olds:  Practice begins at 9:00a (games start at 9:30a)
Kindergarten & 1st Grade:  Practice begins at 9:00a (games start at 9:30a)
2nd Grade:  Practice begins at 10:30a (games start at 11:00a)

 What You Need:

Your player needs shin guards and a size 3 soccer ball (write their name on it... trust us, it's gonna get lost at some point), athletic shoes, and water. Cleats are not required at this age but if you like 'em, wear 'em. 

Parents need chairs as there is limited seating. And maybe something to block the sun... because kids give us enough wrinkles, we don't need anymore help from mother nature. 

 Uniform Shirts:

Please do not customize your uniforms. If you would like to customize other items, feel free. But uniforms need to be kept the way you receive them 


Bring a water bottle for your player. Even if it's cold outside. We also have concessions, so maybe bring a few dollars with you, too.  


You have probably already visited our website, but just in case you can't remember the address (hotspringssoccer.gotsport.com ) you can also follow us on social media and use the Remind101 information below. 

Rain Day Information and Other Notifications:

And hey, instead of panicking on those rainy mornings wondering if we are cancelled, just like our Facebook page. It will be posted immediately.

 Please give this info to anyone who needs to know... we don't want anyone getting out of their comfy bed if they don't have to. Or worse, missing picture day. 


Don’t know who your coach or team is yet, don’t worry. We have been working tirelessly to recruit volunteer coaches and yours may not have had time to get information out yet. We will help you our Saturday morning when you get to the field.